Aqua Angel Aura Quartz Gold Dipped Necklace


These glittering necklaces are made with pieces of genuine Aqua Angel Aura Quartz crystal, dipped in gold and roughly cut into points so that each is unique and differently shaped.

The crystals are approximately 3.5-6.5cm long, although the length and thickness of the individual crystals does vary, therefore each necklace is unique. The gold plated chains are cut by hand and available in two lengths – either a standard 46cm (18inches) which is designed to be slipped on.

The aqua angel aura quartz crystals are absolutely stunning, with each having its own gorgeous range of hues when they catch the light. No two are the same, with each having its own individual colours, shape and size.

Perfect and simple for wearing on their own, or layered up for a truly distinctive look!

These necklaces look really individual, they have a fantastic ‘raw’ feel to them. Each crystal is different – some are more cloudy, and some are clear.


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