Balance Your Flow Necklace


Let this sleek amulet be your touchstone, a reminder to breathe deep and find your calm throughout the day.

Intentions are one thing, but how do we hold ourselves to them and see them through? Let this stunning pendant be a reminder to find your center and remember your calm. Simply hold the sleek, gold-filled diamond amulet in your hand, take a deep breath, and put all your focus on it for a minute (or five, or fifteen—or however long you have!). These mini meditations will bring you back to the present and give you the boost you need to not just get through, but enjoy your day. Handmade

MADE FROM   Sterling Silver Chain, 14k Gold Filled Pendant, Herkimer Diamond

MEASUREMENTS  Pendant: 1.25” Tall, Chain: 18”

CARE  Wipe gently with soft cloth.