Purity Mala


Your intentions, thoughts, and words are pure.  You speak from the heart and your actions are sincere.  You aspire for purity of mind, body, and spirit.

The Purity Mala Necklace is for the girl who believes in authenticity.  You are true to yourself and to others and want nothing but honesty.  You have a heart of gold,  always looking for the best in people and cheering them on.  You are careful when you speak because you know words can both heal or wound.

This Mala is made with Turquoise which is believed to foster protection, friendship, fidelity, and purification.  The rich color also promotes self-realization. White jade enhances the feeling of love and peace.

Hang length 22 inches, can be worn double layered.

Turquoise | White Jade

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